This DACA business

It is wrong to abolish DACA! For over 500 years, European descendents have been an occupying force on what they renamed the Americas. For over 500 years, indigenous people have been subjected to genocide through disease, warfare, industry, religions, and the political whims of Democracy’s, dictatorships, and self entitled know it alls. The longevity of an occupation doesn’t justify it. It’s always wrong. If the Nazis had occupied Poland for 50 years it wouldn’t have become okay. The mass migration of people from South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico is largely made up of people who are the decedents of the people who already lived on these continents before 1492. They are still the victims of the changing socioeconomic classes and ruling parties that presume superiority over them. Citizens of the United States somehow feel entitled to weigh in on the fate of these people as if they’re their own children. First Europeans strip them of their land, culture, and religion, and enslave them for centuries. Then when they gain their independence from European powers, America builds up and supports dictatorships to assert its own imperialistic trade policies and industry. From the Monroe doctrine to the United Fruit company and now to Facebook memes and idiot Facebook junkies, Americans have looked upon all the people south of the Rio Grande as inferiors there to do our dirty work. The people south of the United States have long been scapegoats for drug trafficking, the spread of communism, The Alamo, supposed godlessness by missionaries, gang violence, and with taking American jobs. The American view of all these different ethnicity’s and cultures and nationalities is racist, bigoted, and unfounded. To presume that what we believe about them gives us the right as individuals to decide their fates is completely insane. When you think you have the right with what little knowledge you have to determine some bodies right to be here, you’re an insane person. If you think you know what you’re talking about with your Facebook comments about following laws and all that repeated propaganda you’re delusional.

We are all immigrants. How many of our ancestors came here for the same reasons people are moving here now? How many Polish and German immigrants came here after losing their civil wars and how many Irish immigrants came here to flee starvation under the occupation of Britain? Europe of the 19th century was violent and desperate. Many people judging immigrants now are only here because their ancestors didn’t stick around and fix things in their homeland. Prior to American independence our ancestors came here as criminals, indentured servants, slaves, religious zealots, and refugees willing to steal land as they moved west and to use forced labor in the fields. Now we believe we hold the right to turn away others? Nobodies coming here to steal our lands or erase our culture or enslave us. These immigrants like most of our ancestors are here to work alongside us and fight Americas wars beside us. They only make America stronger by participating in our democracy. If you think dreamers should be deported you’re in the wrong despite any laws that say otherwise. The only reasons I see for it are out of greed and racism. You need a scapegoat for your own perceived problems and the brown people who speak a language you can’t understand are as always the scapegoat. You’re only continuing the great wrong we’ve been acting out for over 500 years.


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  1. LarryR says:

    Articulated well Ben!

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