Why I like President Barack Obama

People ask why a lot, and when it comes to politics it’s usually in a negative manner. People just can’t grasp why you think the way you do about some policy or politician and they ask why. In that moment they also seem to require a lengthy explanation delivered in seconds. When you pause to…

Gun Education = Gun Control

Most Americans are forming opinions on gun control with very little knowledge of guns, and a very narrow definition of what gun control is to them. There is an idea with some that gun control means no guns allowed period and with others just a more thorough background check. Bringing up the subject of gun…

Mushrooms: a poem about Mushrooms

Mushrooms Make me happy Mushrooms Under my toes feels funny Mushrooms Soup so yummy Mushrooms Heaven in my belly Mushrooms Raw on my salad so healthy Mushrooms On my pizza so very tasty Mushrooms On my brain so crazy Mushrooms Make my photos so pretty Mushrooms Stay so still for photography

First Time I Smoked Crack

I was nine years old the first time I smoked crack. It was 1989 and crack cocaine was destroying the urban core of America. The news was filled with stories of murders over McDonald’s food and Nike’s and babies being born addicts. For a 9 year old boy in a small town it all looked…

Pursuing an Art in a Poor Country Full of Morons

Making a living from art is really hard in a country where people decorate their home with cheap garbage from Hobby Lobby and T.J. Maxx. A century ago people’s most prized possessions were nice things made by artists. Photographs, lamps, armoires, paintings, sculptures, and jewelry were the nice things. People who still like that stuff…

Nuclear Holocaust 2018!!!

America is stuck in a quagmire of mediocrity. Television is full of cop, crime, and reality shows. We’re completely apathetic to any actual harmful legislation our government passes while we obsess over our personal dislike of the president. We treat mass shootings like the first moon landing as we pick them apart for conspiracy theories….

How I See Black History Month

I belong to the first generation of Americans born into a free country that didn’t have slavery, Jim Crow, or segregation. I also grew up in a very white suburb of Kansas City, and heard and witnessed racism from students and teachers. I think all through elementary school there were seven black kids at my…

The Leaf Cracked it Wide Open

They climbed over each others bodies covered in white powder and ejaculate until their mass completely covered that window and sent it crashing in.

Playing Lawrence Oates 1/16/2018 6 degrees Fahrenheit

One of the prettiest places in the Kansas City metro is down this old road that disappears into Lake Jacomo at Flemming Park. It’s a nice place to catch the sun setting over the water if you hurry. Which I don’t. The bluffs drop straight down to the…….what the fuck is this?! It looks like…

4 minutes left of MLK day

If you want to support civil rights, shop smart and don’t buy from prison labor. American corporations send jobs to private prisons, where prisoners work for slave wages. Huge companies like Nike and Victoria’s Secret do this. So google before you shop. Don’t support slavery and laws that target those living in poverty and minorities.