Nuclear Holocaust 2018!!!

America is stuck in a quagmire of mediocrity. Television is full of cop, crime, and reality shows. We’re completely apathetic to any actual harmful legislation our government passes while we obsess over our personal dislike of the president. We treat mass shootings like the first moon landing as we pick them apart for conspiracy theories….

The Leaf Cracked it Wide Open

They climbed over each others bodies covered in white powder and ejaculate until their mass completely covered that window and sent it crashing in.

The Charmer’s Jailhouse Confession

So, I spent 30 years in prison. It started out as a night in jail, I had been picked up on a warrant for an unpaid speeding ticket. That first night in my cell, nobody would put up bail, so I was spending the night in a small holding cage type cell with one other…

Monster Fell In The Well: a fairy tale

Deep deep in the forest of a far away land, there is a place of magic where our fairy tales are true. Animals are sweet and they sing and talk and live inside of fairy tale cottages and castles with magical people doing magical things. One such magical person isn’t so much a person as…