Mushrooms: a poem about Mushrooms

Mushrooms Make me happy Mushrooms Under my toes feels funny Mushrooms Soup so yummy Mushrooms Heaven in my belly Mushrooms Raw on my salad so healthy Mushrooms On my pizza so very tasty Mushrooms On my brain so crazy Mushrooms Make my photos so pretty Mushrooms Stay so still for photography

The Stories of Natures Past

just rambling on about nature because I like it.

sick of the woods : a poem of sorts

strangers passing by on the trail leaving signs on the trees and in the brush making refugees of the wild so much trash so much noise so much graffiti so much harm to trees and flowers the ditches there and back are full of bones and death invasive species of plants and insects brought here…

My Madness

My madness is mine to own. I nurture it and feed it and do nothing to push it away. I own it but I didn’t plant the seed for it. I dont cause the actions and words I use to feed it. I’m not owning this culture or this society or this nation or this…

I am a ghost: a poem

I am a ghost. what is a ghost? I am a ghost! I make noise yet you can’t see me. I am a ghost. You know I exist and yet I’m never there to be heard. I am a ghost. You can’t hug me or look me in the eye and shake my hand. I…

Cant sleep wrote a poem.

Over the ringing in my ears I hear the gears grind in this cheap red clock. Ticking away the night and every second of rest and peace my mind craves. Ticking through my thoughts of things never said and should have and things said that shouldn’t have been. The heavy weight of darknes and time…

A leaf poem

Weighing just grams and razor thin it holds against a force that carves mountains and washes away cities and drowns life.

Deep in the Suburbs and Isolated: a poem

Isolation used to be sought. Hours spent driving to the country for peace and quiet. Now it`s dreaded in a metropolis of over a million. Divided by highways and miles of surrounding parking lots and the distraction of television and social media. It’s an isolation of sensory overload without any real quiet. The local woods…

Ice Storm

Longing for that friend who wasn’t there on that cold lonely night. The ice on the window brings back the need for that cold heart. That icey woman who came with passion and an instant bond and left like a stranger. This storm and being shut in brings it back. A deep wound aches in…

Truth in pain

In the clear water you can see the truth. In the truth there is knowledge. In knowing there is pain. In pain everything is clouded.

December Hell

Waking to the cold fiery hell of a December morning. An ancestors attempt at resettlement where the grass is green upon arrival and soon crunches dead under the descendents foot. A paradise given in a prophecy and erased by sprawl. A high summit, the sunrise blocked by power lines and absent of a chimneys smoke….