Pursuing an Art in a Poor Country Full of Morons

Making a living from art is really hard in a country where people decorate their home with cheap garbage from Hobby Lobby and T.J. Maxx. A century ago people’s most prized possessions were nice things made by artists. Photographs, lamps, armoires, paintings, sculptures, and jewelry were the nice things. People who still like that stuff…

Plaque Fighting Ka-Bar… FAKE NEWS!

Spending too much time inside with too much exposure to Trump culture. No collusion! The press said it was the best meeting they’d ever witnessed. I probably have a great relationship with [insert dictators name]. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS

This DACA business

my own miserable useless opinion about people treating each other as people

I hate my cell phone!

I was watching a documentary on Netflix called, Pygmies: Children of the Jungle. An explorer named Ivan Bulik goes into the Congo and stays with a tribe of pygmies deep in the equatorial jungle. He brings them cigarettes and eats with them and hunts with them and shows how fragile and vulnerable their existence is…

sick of the woods : a poem of sorts

strangers passing by on the trail leaving signs on the trees and in the brush making refugees of the wild so much trash so much noise so much graffiti so much harm to trees and flowers the ditches there and back are full of bones and death invasive species of plants and insects brought here…