Why I like President Barack Obama

People ask why a lot, and when it comes to politics it’s usually in a negative manner. People just can’t grasp why you think the way you do about some policy or politician and they ask why. In that moment they also seem to require a lengthy explanation delivered in seconds. When you pause to…

Nuclear Holocaust 2018!!!

America is stuck in a quagmire of mediocrity. Television is full of cop, crime, and reality shows. We’re completely apathetic to any actual harmful legislation our government passes while we obsess over our personal dislike of the president. We treat mass shootings like the first moon landing as we pick them apart for conspiracy theories….

The Leaf Cracked it Wide Open

They climbed over each others bodies covered in white powder and ejaculate until their mass completely covered that window and sent it crashing in.

Plaque Fighting Ka-Bar… FAKE NEWS!

Spending too much time inside with too much exposure to Trump culture. No collusion! The press said it was the best meeting they’d ever witnessed. I probably have a great relationship with [insert dictators name]. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS

Merica got yer gun? A poem

Dont forget yer gun Dont forget ter pray Pray fer da president and dont forget yer gun Dont forget ter stand Stand tall with that gun k Pray fer dat flag you standin for Gods in the Margo Largo speaking to us the truth. Dem libtards and thugs running pizza sex trafficking so carry yer…

I live under the oppression of mob rule. A “leftist” a “baby killer” a “snowflake” against the flag and its armies as I spread fake news. Our involvement with social media serves as our papers and turns free speech against us, as the government refuses to protect us. Believing America free is a dangerous dream….

The Greatest Protest Ever

The greatest protest ever was when some of the wealthiest men in North America gathered to unite all their different homes, faiths, and governments in solidarity, and sign a declaration saying the man in charge wasn’t treating them as men with rights and they’d had enough. That protest is ongoing as some people are still…