Mushrooms: a poem about Mushrooms

Mushrooms Make me happy Mushrooms Under my toes feels funny Mushrooms Soup so yummy Mushrooms Heaven in my belly Mushrooms Raw on my salad so healthy Mushrooms On my pizza so very tasty Mushrooms On my brain so crazy Mushrooms Make my photos so pretty Mushrooms Stay so still for photography

sick of the woods : a poem of sorts

strangers passing by on the trail leaving signs on the trees and in the brush making refugees of the wild so much trash so much noise so much graffiti so much harm to trees and flowers the ditches there and back are full of bones and death invasive species of plants and insects brought here…

A leaf poem

Weighing just grams and razor thin it holds against a force that carves mountains and washes away cities and drowns life.

Truth in pain

In the clear water you can see the truth. In the truth there is knowledge. In knowing there is pain. In pain everything is clouded.

The Last Tomato

Grown in time to see the end of the world. Wilted leaves and dry brown nutrient depleted soil. Short frigid days. The ground littered with decaying red ancestors and many more just missing. An unshakable freezing sensation around the stem. In a state of green, ironically the color of inexperience. Never ripening to any potential….

Burn Your Eyes: mini poem

To see the sun you must burn your eyes. A sacrifice to beauty and creation. The creator of dust, the elements, of life. It gives us everything and burns everything away as we avert our eyes. While you can, gaze into its beauty and burn your eyes.

Warm Blood: mini poem

Forever you felt its warmth and cherished and adored it and took it for granted that it would always be there. Then it sets as is its nature and you have forgotten the warmth in yourself and you go into the cold alone to watch it go and say goodbye. On a barb in the…