Mushrooms: a poem about Mushrooms

Mushrooms Make me happy Mushrooms Under my toes feels funny Mushrooms Soup so yummy Mushrooms Heaven in my belly Mushrooms Raw on my salad so healthy Mushrooms On my pizza so very tasty Mushrooms On my brain so crazy Mushrooms Make my photos so pretty Mushrooms Stay so still for photography

Playing Lawrence Oates 1/16/2018 6 degrees Fahrenheit

One of the prettiest places in the Kansas City metro is down this old road that disappears into Lake Jacomo at Flemming Park. It’s a nice place to catch the sun setting over the water if you hurry. Which I don’t. The bluffs drop straight down to the…….what the fuck is this?! It looks like…

Sunset 1/8/2018

Little known fact, the sun sets everyday until it doesn’t.