Plaque Fighting Ka-Bar… FAKE NEWS!

Spending too much time inside with too much exposure to Trump culture. No collusion! The press said it was the best meeting they’d ever witnessed. I probably have a great relationship with [insert dictators name]. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS

This DACA business

my own miserable useless opinion about people treating each other as people

“Propaganda has absolutely nothing to do with truth.”

The Nazis are on the march. These marchers like the suffragette marchers, civil rights marchers, gay pride marchers, and Nazis of the past won’t be defeated by violence on the streets. America is in an ideological and cultural war, where the right side of history is slowly winning. The “left” as the white supremacists and…

The Fairies

You can walk into the woods alone and feel like you’re watched, you’re followed, you’re teased. You hear birds sing, eagles scream, branches squeak, and the winds whisper or howl. These are natural sounds and they feed your natural fears. You should take these haunting sounds in as the music of paradise. Throw away your…

Protest in Despair and Hope

A pro protest piece to give help to the cause. Please excuse any misspelled words and it may not be work safe. I wont censor my own work if I see it as harmless.


the electoral college hands America a rogue figure to lead its way into darkness?

I’m sorry Aleppo

I’m sorry Aleppo. I’m sorry That from my position of safety in America I did nothing to increase your chances of survival. All I could do from the most powerful country in the free world was offer my solidarity on Facebook and wordpress. I didn’t send money or food or prayer. I wrote my congressmen…

Donald Trump Tweets and the Death of Opposition News!

Last night I watched Saturday Night Live, and they had a strange and funny skit showing how Donald Trump sees the world. It was funny but I was looking even more forward to seeing how a poked bear would react. I stayed up until three before falling asleep and woke up disappointed over the lack…