Why I like President Barack Obama

People ask why a lot, and when it comes to politics it’s usually in a negative manner. People just can’t grasp why you think the way you do about some policy or politician and they ask why. In that moment they also seem to require a lengthy explanation delivered in seconds. When you pause to…

Eric Greitens’s revenge porn story

Missouri didn’t have a decent choice in who they could elect for governor and so Eric Greitens is that person. Missouri is a sleaze ball state full of racists, bigots, and in my opinion it has the governor it deserves. Chris Koster was the Democrats pic, a former Republican who supports the death penalty. I…

I live under the oppression of mob rule. A “leftist” a “baby killer” a “snowflake” against the flag and its armies as I spread fake news. Our involvement with social media serves as our papers and turns free speech against us, as the government refuses to protect us. Believing America free is a dangerous dream….

This DACA business

my own miserable useless opinion about people treating each other as people

“Propaganda has absolutely nothing to do with truth.”

The Nazis are on the march. These marchers like the suffragette marchers, civil rights marchers, gay pride marchers, and Nazis of the past won’t be defeated by violence on the streets. America is in an ideological and cultural war, where the right side of history is slowly winning. The “left” as the white supremacists and…

Fucking Rich People

You grew up poor and you’re going to die poor like generations before you. Capitalism was created by a man who believed compassion was a natural human feeling. The truth is people are cannibals, rapists, narcissists, predators, and status junkies. The truth is capitalism leaves room for advancement by only the most exceptional of people….

Protest in Despair and Hope

A pro protest piece to give help to the cause. Please excuse any misspelled words and it may not be work safe. I wont censor my own work if I see it as harmless.

Why Bernie Sanders Lost

People who supportĀ Bernie Sanders are very upset with the Democratic party and say the party picks the candidate. Sure the party wants who they think is the best candidate for them, it’s their party and their right. But there’s a very simple reason he lost and there’s no corruption involved. The reason is my aunt…


1775 Breed’s Hill, Joseph Warren and others gave their lives to fight tyranny. They lost but inflicted heavy losses on the king’s army. 1775 New England was the American Dream if there ever was one. Educated and wealthy and with the highest life expectancy they risked everything. Those men were strong in their devout beliefs…


the electoral college hands America a rogue figure to lead its way into darkness?

I’m sorry Aleppo

I’m sorry Aleppo. I’m sorry That from my position of safety in America I did nothing to increase your chances of survival. All I could do from the most powerful country in the free world was offer my solidarity on Facebook and wordpress. I didn’t send money or food or prayer. I wrote my congressmen…