Fucking Rich People

You grew up poor and you’re going to die poor like generations before you. Capitalism was created by a man who believed compassion was a natural human feeling. The truth is people are cannibals, rapists, narcissists, predators, and status junkies. The truth is capitalism leaves room for advancement by only the most exceptional of people….


1775 Breed’s Hill, Joseph Warren and others gave their lives to fight tyranny. They lost but inflicted heavy losses on the king’s army. 1775 New England was the American Dream if there ever was one. Educated and wealthy and with the highest life expectancy they risked everything. Those men were strong in their devout beliefs…

I’m so bored with Americans

With the racism and bigotry and white privilege and violence and drug addictions and Wednesday churches and conservatism and nationalism and liberals and leftists and the alt-right Nazis and Christmas lingo and pipelines and reliving the 80s and Reaganomics and college debt and Killary and Benghazi and factory farming and Putin crushes and obesity and…

The Night of the Liberal Cut Throats : A short story

It was a dismal summer of drought and wildfires. The people were stressed and agitated. With fourteen months of political news and campaigning in the future, a group of friends wondered what it was all for. They saw it was the same old crowd being pushed out to incite a blind anger among the people….