Nuclear Holocaust 2018!!!

America is stuck in a quagmire of mediocrity. Television is full of cop, crime, and reality shows. We’re completely apathetic to any actual harmful legislation our government passes while we obsess over our personal dislike of the president. We treat mass shootings like the first moon landing as we pick them apart for conspiracy theories….

Her War :crappy poetry

My poetry sucks 😦

Fucking Rich People

You grew up poor and you’re going to die poor like generations before you. Capitalism was created by a man who believed compassion was a natural human feeling. The truth is people are cannibals, rapists, narcissists, predators, and status junkies. The truth is capitalism leaves room for advancement by only the most exceptional of people….

I’m sorry Aleppo

I’m sorry Aleppo. I’m sorry That from my position of safety in America I did nothing to increase your chances of survival. All I could do from the most powerful country in the free world was offer my solidarity on Facebook and wordpress. I didn’t send money or food or prayer. I wrote my congressmen…